Dragonhaus' intensive care units build a chance at a full life.

We all love our pets. Unfortunately, sometimes things don't go as planned. Your pet might become ill or injured, either through an accident, age, or something completely out of your hands. Most times, this is a minor case. Unfortunately, sometimes it is much more serious than a scrape. In these cases, special attention and equipment is needed.

Dragonhaus LLC is proud to present the only US made intensive care unit designed for exotic animals on the market. Each enclosure is handmade in Tacoma, WA, from the United States of America. Our intensive care unit is an ongoing development in a partnership with the Center for Bird and Exotic Animal Medicine.

Exotic animals pose a unique challenge for veterinary work. Our goal is to meet the special needs of critically ill or injured exotic animal patients in a bid to full recovery. As a result, we have successfully prototyped and built the only intensive care unit in the world rated for exotic animals.

Dragonhaus takes pride in our ability to create enclosures to fit your veterinary practice's needs. Please reach out to us if you need any special builds!

  • Handmade In the USA.

    Each enclosure is handcrafted from sturdy, lightweight, fireproof and waterproof PVC.

  • Worldwide Shipping.

    We carefully pack our enclosures to be shipped across the globe. An ocean between us is no problem.

  • Ease of Operation.

    All of our vet enclosures are designed with simplicity in control and power requirements. Plug in and go!

Intensive Care Unit Features

Internal Oxygen System

Each unit is equipped with an internal Oxygen bubbler, and an external, fully adjustable flow meter, making it easy to control oxygen levels within the enclosure.

Integrated HEPA Filtration

Every unit comes equipped with an integrated HEPA Filtration system to catch particulates in the air, keeping the flow into the chamber clean.

Flexwatt Heating

For steady and controlled heat, we utilize flexwatt heating tape to keep the inside warm.

600w PID Thermostat

Each unit is equipped with a 600 watt PID thermostat to ensure that the enclosure remains the correct temperature at all times. The Thermostat will sound an alarm if the temperature drops beyond your set threshold. Additionally, each thermostat had a solid state fail safe relay installed.

Front Access Porthole

The doors on the unit each have a special porthole to allow safe acces to the patient without opening the door. This allows for ease of keeping a stable, oxygenated, warm environment for critical patients, even when care, food or water is required.

Designed for Ease of Use

We understand that a vet office can be busy, and critical patients need a lot of care. You don't have time to be figuring out all the buttons and dials in an emergency. That is why we built the enclosure to be easy to use.

Plug In, Ready to Go

Keeping in line with the philosophy of being easy to use, each unit only needs to be plugged into a single power source to go into operation.

As seen at ExoticsCon 2022

We showed off our veterinary enclosure this year in Denver, CO at ExoticsCon 2022 recently. Following the show, orders have come in from across the globe. We are pleased to be bringing such an impactful product to life, in order to save lives. We appreciate the work veterinarians do, and appreciate the support for this special line of enclosures.

  • Safety and Quality.

    We use only the best PVC and Polycarbonate to ensure our products are water and fire-resistant, durable, and long-lasting.

  • Stunning Design.

    Dragonhaus enclosures are developed to be clean, sleek, and appealing.

  • Stack them Up.

    We design our PVC enclosures to be stackable so you can maximize vertical space in your space. Large or small, you can stack them all!